Lognormal to Normal Distribution


Ooty: Friendships, Travel and Painting 📍
Visualizing a GroupBy (or a Bipartite Graph)
[Mini] How to Parse JSON in Spark without Knowing the Schema?
Fitness Dashboard with Google Fit
Mechanisms for Data Science Projects
Belagavi or Belgaum 📍


[Summary] Monolith: Real-Time RecSys With Collisionless Embeddings
Learning How to be a Mentor
[Summary] Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for OYO Hotels Recommendation
Passing Multiple Parameters in PySpark MapPartitions
Personalising the Swiggy Homepage Layout - Part II (bytes.swiggy.com)
Personalising the Swiggy Homepage Layout - Part I (bytes.swiggy.com)
Workation in Pondicherry 📍
All the Small Things
Toastmasters Speech with a Purpose
Toastmasters Icebreaker Speech
Improving data science productivity with dslib (bytes.swiggy.com)


Git Basics
Minutes - Building the History Page
Minutes - Building the Settings Page
Minutes - A Quantified Self App for Myself
Building and Hosting a Podcast Website for Free


Lang. Identification in Code Mixed Text - Lit. Review 3
Lang. Identification in Code Mixed Text - Lit. Review 2
Lang. Identification in Code Mixed Text - Lit. Review 1
Design Thinking and Life
Configuration Management in Python
Python Module Versioning and Releases
Flask in Production
Packing a Backpack For Cycling Trips
Gradient Descent
How to Design a Game With a Purpose
PyData Bangalore Meetup #7
Human Computation and Games with a Purpose


Fixed Perimeter + Maximum Area = Square
Wikidata for Transliteration Pairs
Seq2Seq Components
Understanding WX notation


(Mis)adventures of Building a Chat Bot
New Job, New City
Hinglish and Transliteration
Poverty and Competition
Chatting Up - Part II
Anime I watched in 2017


Benford's Law as a Fraud Detection technique


From Vector Space Models to Recommender Systems
Into the Wild: A Review
Chatting Up
[Mini] Idea Debt
[Mini] Linux hardware Issues


Gene Regulatory Networks
Shiny Apps


Reconnaissance on Shadab
Gamification of Life
Tourism Improved
Packages I do use
The kernel challange series: Building and booting the Linux kernel
AngelHacked Weekend
The kernel challange series: Writing a Linux kernel module
'Gaming the Github streak' as Shadab said!!
Children: The first priority #Vote4Children
'Open Terminal Here' hotkeyed
Hello World!!