I came across this blog post on idea debts. Many things it talked about, were also happening with me.

I have a habit of jotting every “important” thought that comes to my mind in the Google Keep. Consequently, I also have a note listing ideas or things that I think, I should do, to learn and grow. Things not like travelling or music or something, but things like, coding this amazing module or to work on raspie and build this new thing which looks so fucking cool in my mind.

But, over time, I realized that I have a long list and I rarely tick off any item. From time to time, I kept having dreams the awesomeness those ideas will bring to my life once they are complete. But, as the article suggests it was the idea debt I was accumulating. So, I went on pruning my list. At some level, I think, the remaining ones will have the same fate, but I don’t want to part with them yet. And, because, I now, have reduced the list, down to a few items, I think I’ll be slightly less overwhelmed and will definitely work on something.

Anyway, it did help me to get away with some ideas. If anyone is reading it (yes, future me, you too!!), you should go about and prune that list of yours.